Kreation2020 – Za ZA (lyrics)

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Supreme master

Same laughter same hunger

New chapter different book the index empty

The ink been working

A known sculpture

Home resurface

Too exceptional to the art form

Got through the first day

I’m starting to feel comfortable

Unknown to sentiments

Refuse the settlements

Reproof the higher purpose

Can’t lose Bound and certain

Ruler conquering kingdoms

The movement Katalyst you guessed it

A moon man got my dancing shoes on and ready to slide

Unknowingly I came through with a chip on my shoulders

Shot for the stars hit an insomniac bird

Mind never made up

Elliptical rupture

Merciless mark my form

Venturing the dark side

Longing for a fair chance

When the numbers called it were first string

Embraced the challenge

Raise the flags I pledge allegiance

To my marvelous spirit

A rare commitment

Like not blinking after you won a blinking contest

flare ain’t spark should I have to flick the lighter

spare not a donought we actually rolling

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