Kreation2020 – Walk to Exodus (lyrics)

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As it was told by the ancestors

The universe stretches as the star approaches

Not of this world I’m not from a planet

Made the shift a long time ago this how the leverage work

The lesson to be Learned is the greatness upon us

Don’t turn when you reach the gate

Build your faith up to enter

Move wisely the errors don’t fix themselves

Up from the treble

Its scary how they I thought I’ll throw it in

Treasure what yours coveting a deadly sin

He who hath ears let him hear

Watch your steps when you crossing the finish

That’s how champions win

Channeling the experiences that’ll work in our favor

I don’t know what to tell yall, I had to work to get here

I had to bust the all nights

Had to become the villain

Just to allure the power

Just prevail in the end

This the nail in the coffin

These the mails they ain’t send

This a devilish trend

With a merciless twist

Up right now

Ain’t nothing to this shit

I’m cut different

My cotton ain’t even pick yet

I walk lite but what I tote heavy

Deceit not always a thought process

Move Dollie no co defendants

Skip trail for chance to take it on the run

I be last dumb ass to turn myself in

Give me what you got


On the walk to exodus (repeat)

Verse 2

More aware and in tune

Tryna go gold before the summer

What I spit to appeal to realist

I’m unrealistic

I’m futuristic

I’m esoteric

I’m a clergy with a fair shot of getting his goods off on the first sale

I’m ticking bomb waiting to explode

I’m the next best thing since potato chips and French fries they can’t ketchup

I won’t let up

The screws Not tighten

The school of the Katalyst

Excuse my optimistic the more the pressure the more I out perform

Silence is golden I could look at he clock all day

mental state unstable as ever

What’s fatal is not applying yourself

It’s back to the drawing board

Designing the concepts

Visualizing the pit falls before we encounter To lessen the headaches

Sometimes you gotta think ahead of the enemies

Serve them their own remedy everything for sale

Everything had bail on me

Back to the wall

Where the help when you need it

All I hear is crickets

Misread horoscopes and they still apply

I’m just an attractive magnet

With a elastic passion for disastrous intentions

And my life been going down hill

Relationships crashing

Financial problems

Anger management issues

Just to name a few

Some where to start from

If this not the end I’ll see you soon


On the walk to exodus (repeat

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