Kreation2020 – The common wealth vs John Kollie (lyrics)

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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury

My name is John Kollie

For the first time in history we have on ours hands what I like to consider a legitimate opportunity of abridgment.

Charges presented against me where untimely, inaccurate and lacked sufficient facts backed substances. It’s with obligation I stand before you today pleading to the courts to instate my innocence.Thank You.


We don’t play by your rules

We make our own rules

We don’t follow all your trends

We make our trends

We are the OutKast

The weirdos

The bad apples they warned you about

The common wealth vs John

We make excuses just for fun

To cover up all the white lies

We defending our turf

Fighting for what we believe in

We are the go getters

Faithful believers

The silver back guerrillas

You should be warned

The common wealth vs John kollie

Verse 1

Made some assumptions had to recalculate

These nigguhz boring I’m just not fascinated

I grew tired of always acting friendly

Y’all saw how they did Bill Cosby

This a new arena same fundamental

A beautiful mind a bad waste

Last is first in the eyes of God

Your payoff in heaven don’t live for the world

Uncertain times call for extreme measures

Colliding with the forces of darkness for unity

I’m misunderstood but who really cares

Under the hood been getting my hands

Im out to gain the money, power respect

Corresponding to dealer regret

Cup half fill not brimming just yet

Everyday a blessing I’m making it count

Every lost a lesson , I rather not repeat

Every time I trusted I had to pay a price

Everyone say they love you until shit hits fans

Had to form a new aspect to turn it around


verse 2

This a termination of validation for allegations to lied about

This a ordination of the federation that came before the last call

For privatization and a sworn to not lose hope

What a shame they all did

No reconciliation

Just advocating what I believe to be the right choice

Now the situations only worsens and there’s some indications it might not get better

Time heels all we hopeful

Theres a science to the dance of the Katalyst

Pressure builds character

keep an open mind welcome possibilities

Stretch the envelope

Develop discipline

Treasure your gifts god don’t make mistakes always remember

Mender the pieces

Couture to for the right fit

I rest my cause



There you have it ladies and gentlemen of jury. As the representation for all people logic, I hereby ascribe to the defendants a fair proceedings. If there be no objections, all accusations should immediately be dropped. Thank You

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