Kreation2020 – Supreme (Lyrics)

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Verse 1

No fixes for the glitches in the trenches

Got responsibilities got stick to the pattern

Unfulfilled but I’m trying

Dislike me fine, your opinion don’t matter

GOD’s real he took me from darkness

They want you stay there when you stoop to their level

Excuse my ignorance what I find to be blissful is stupidity

Graced by the unknown ain’t look back

Perspective change

Sabotage by the people I model

Took the pain and Transformed it to inspiration for

Idealist that don’t like compromising

All in all my time in this world was lived to fullest

Late on some errands

Living in the past

Lost in the moment

Searching for hope to not just be existing

Impactful nobody said it

The horizon look further as I get to it

Nothing to hold onto, nightmares approach in silence

Now you know, I don’t belong in this world

Supreme being

Extraterrestrial spirit

I sense bs from a mile away

Write it with the Midas touch

Paint a mural with every verse

No brainer I’m the one you bet on

I found peace and some friends switch up

Aztec parcel crossing border

Which side of the fence are your feet hanging on

As it pertain to where the story been going

I been way too tied barely got time for myself

Came to the conclusion that music is the only thing that makes me happy

And they wanna take it from

How the fuk am I supposed crack a smile

Sometimes I sit back and ask the lord

After the casket drop will they still love me

I highly doubt it

Verse 2

No savior for the witches

Gold plated, the spoon wasn’t always like that

Diction correct, what’s this a spelling bee

Dick in they’re asses, anal the one

Back on Woolah


Rock till they throw us out


Maccing it’s nothing to it

Lapping still got more in tank

They can knock but fuk that supposed to mean

Flipping fingers at the Jury

Savior and learn , imagination what could’ve been

I’m through to them

My pseudonym could’ve never ame

The cobra strike

It’s a poisonous potion

Now they expect me to infuse hate

I highly doubt it

I can’t undo what I never did

But yet they say I’m wrong

Now it’s all too late for jury trail

Save the judgements

Those living a lie don’t respect the essence so true

Take my words for it , what happens in the dark goes unnoticed

Cold blue

SoCal was as far as I could get get

9 trey I ain’t serving no plates

Mind state way ahead of my thought process

Now it’s fuk y’all till the condom get a friction pull


I don’t mix or allure

I just stick to the script

I just stay on some shit

I just stay with some shit

I just stay on low low

I just might have hit a lick


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