Kreation2020 – Son of Sam (Lyrics)

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Contacted by God

Stubborn to respond

Soldier with no home

Addicted to the thrill

The high the lows

No caption , it’s understood

Once captive but now I’m free

Controversial thought provoking

Tourette syndrome patient

Raspy and edged

Rivalries all dead to me

Many tried they all ain’t get much far

I was that nigguh since kindergarten

No shit there be no one greater

The journey matters more than the destination

Receding forbidden

Determine to get paid

Another day another opportunity


Go by Kreation but you can call me the son of Sam

I’m a beast I’m a dog like the Son of the Sam


What you know bout the Sam

Everybody gotta pay 3x

Heyyyyy !!

Verse 2

I’m bad I’m cooling

I’m fly and extra smooth

Scandalous with a merciless hold

Infamous narrow minded psychopath

Nonchalant down for the cause

A diamond in the ruff

Parallel to transparency

Fighter to the very end

Believer and a devoted skeptic

I been outweighing the odds

Avoiding commandments

Compelling the spirit

Confessions of truth

The incentive are rewarding

Implanted in the waves

Lantern need refueling

Happiness cost

How much you willing to pay

The ego is deceitful to

Keep your eye on the prize

Iron sharpen irons

I’m out for mine not expecting no hand outs

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