Kreation2020 – S S pt. 2 (lyrics)

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SS pt. 2

Special spirit

Specialize secular sovereignty

Sinner sadly

Syncing sirens sequentially

Sculpted serenity

Sabotaged semantics

Scrutiny surreal

Secretly sacredly savoring sin

Scanning simultaneously

Sending signs seeding sanctuaries

Soul survival

Sky sweeper street stationary superstar

Silver spoon

Suffering salesman selling souls servicing strangers so slumbers sightings see summer sprout

Sandbox scientist

Sunny side secondary sentiments sacrilegious senseless

Seem stupid seriously

Stein scouter

Steam starter streaming scrolling scorching soil

Sexy sounding sub scuba swimmer

Scrimmage scrambler

Somebody’s sisters sex slave

Saturated satisfaction

Seeking sensual single showmanship

Socall superstitious-list

Sustaining society

Soldier supernaturalist

Sweet savior Saturday’s sermon

Save slugs

Sadden surroundings

Sorrows sinful

Sadly seal symphony

Symbolical symptoms synonyms

Synonymous symmetrical synergy

Sinning seeming singing song sighinging sleeping steadily screaming sayonara

Said sorry score seeded school skipper science savorer

Scientologist scientific sensory societal

Sinister sluggishness

Sin student

Synesthesia stigmata

Secret sacrament

Success scavenger

Solely solid solving simplicity strategizing separation spectacular spectra stray

Slightly subsided

Socket straighten sight seeing sage sycamore saber stick

Sick, shifted snakes strikes

Snapped since Sarah save Saturday supper so some sad student study sessions surmount straight stupidity

Straight slipping sluggishly

Singing sermons sinking ship

Syncing steerings steadily screening shrek


Stretched staples suppressing superstition submerging soup symptoms

Searching sprinklers standing strong

Standing strong slackers still steady snoring


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