kreation2020 – Red Charades (Lyrics)

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Red charades bleed

Paint the city red

Blood on the stairways

Red charades burn

Blue flames hot

Burning 3x

Red charades ignite

Up in the smoke

Red charades 3x

Verse 1

Did you realize what we had was rare

Now I’m another example you can use to your advantage

Propel revamp my insurgence

I’m alive last time I checked that’s a blessing

Pride it kills

Sad story but it ain’t have to end here

Entrenched soaking in blood

Sacrificed everything

Just for a dance with you

Kudos you deserve it

Granted you still even love me

I can’t tell

You always acting funny

Lying misleading

Taken my emotions for granted

gamble and lost

Should’ve knew not to be so stupid


Verse 2

Letting off some steam

Memories fades it apparent

Maybe tomorrow be as promised

Perhaps today was trail

Yesterday was a failure

Failure not permanent

Exercising the status quo

Edifying the rules

Aspire to break through

Broadening the vision

Expansion and acquisitions

Just another black man with a dream

Cultivating worlds the mania hard to ignore

Burden only get heavier

Stack for a rainy day

Live your best life , prosper

Obtain knowledge master

Disrupt embrace the journey



You make it so easy to lust

You got me I’m falling

Can’t turn can’t run

You got the best of me 2x


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