Kreation2020 – Not too far (lyrics)

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Poet in the past life

Eroded and got back to basics

It wasn’t given had to work for it

I’m a problem it be a long trivia

They more washed up than a laundry mat

In the loop where I lost them at

More heat than a fire place adjust the temperature

Legislations gotta come again

Made my mark with no sharpie pen

If not here to stay it was the wrong address

They say I’m sick ain’t no cure for him

Got the block on lock like a power forward

Never snitch you gotta call my lawyer

Put in work yeah I pay it forward

Tables turned before the cards got dealt

Headed to where no one ain’t made it back it from

Nigguh I’m thoughtless

Nigguh I’m heartless

Nigguh I’m a deity you should worship

Far too gone in my God zone

On to it we’ll ask questions later

Questing for a higher plane

All I can say is I’m not flight instructor

Kamikaze this a no fly zone

Verse 2

More heat than a fire place

No sleep you know the grind don’t stop

Dynamite anacron

Ignite the flames watch it burn

What they gonna say now I gotta match their energy

Well my watch is synchronized

And my margin exceeded interest

Can’t be marvel just watch and appreciate

If I start it I’ll finish it

Starved for this life now apparent

All I spit is that flame, raising the temperature

In a downward spiral tryna make a flip

Responded to the calling it was a false alarm

Use fleas to my advantage when they goes uniticable

I’m more than troublesome

I’m a whole damm t and t bomb lit up with no ticking timer

Back on my mission and this time it’s until it’s accomplished

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