Kreation2020 – Mini circular clouds (Lyrics)

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Now you see me now you dont
bout it i dont never front
bounty on me, took it off
petrichor on an opioum farm
Takanawa say im news in every city
how many times I got to tell yall I aint regular
reticular particular go figure out
dreams were crush, had to work with the pieces
hunger only made me more ambitious
play the prymadid for the low end theory
when my numbers call, bet I waiting to answer
when it comes to drugs I like uppers
overtime on the doubles
break a nail thats a death wish
got more hits than the turk bot
bills collectors on the land line
keep the green like a emrald
all the games had to end that
if I met me I be star struck
all hail the republic its a new world
order found in the choas
be your rock just dont toss me
god granted it came through

stay ready you wont have to prepare for it
Kreation world I need my own globe
this could go for the intro
or a freestyle on F train
lacking dont appeal to me
rapping just a chore for me
culprit dont cooperate

frigid only getting cold
before my heart broken, i sprain my eye
tarot reading for forordain
Im proud of this guy im becoming
im tired of whack entertainment
the arrow at the back of my head
regretting were never in the plan
as a man thinketh, so he become
rest feeling alien
its a long walk through hell
drawn from the world, rules dont apply

aldosterone, sifter the balance
heart aches to see the world as turning
will they love me when im gone
ha not counting on that
exact, always on point
relent, do it again
dissent 1 versus all
convince im nobody favorite
yall been mising point
entrenched submerge in the current
whats worse a criminal mind or a lesbian prayer
defend offence takes care of it self
disrespect where were never tolerated where im from
its apperants Im a rose they aint water
lamented voiced out my worries
expensive likely to cost
quintessential prototype form
reivent , dont alter the wheels
horror its starting to look scary
ohhhhh I aint suppose to say that
calm everything good
Now You see me, Now you really dont
got a hell of a hustle
i flip my fingers to judgements
got my faith where its soughted
like a Isrealite waiting in captive
open book naww an open letter
better yeT the rubric on the envelop
OPTICAL every line get them mesmerize
Mini circurlar, cutting right through it
many purposes but as lately its the Epicenter
thats katalyst Talk

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