Kreation2020 – Levels (lyrics)

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Rockstar I stay on my level

Raising the bar to another Level

Get on my level

You can’t get on my level

Can’t be forged

They never trace me

I’m on whole another level

Levels 6x

The climb will never stop

Verse 1

Going Berserk on the nigguhz

Thinking ahead charting the journey

Inspecting the field correcting the flaws

Connecting the dots , asserting passion

Reflecting scams

Receptive hands , enticing applaud

I’m unlikely to fall got a hell of drive

Intensive will hearted

Melodically sailing

Tendency to triumph

Imposing my will

Invoking the orders marching to Zion

Fanatical wishes

Convicted by oath conflicting with self

Stricken by bad decisions

Slipping in a vortex

Live for the moment tomorrow’s not promise

Take it in blood


Verse 2

I wanna be the first on the hit list

I need you hate me

I need your closure your distance

Your wars the disclosures

The walls been building

The bullets pierced through

Goals undirected

Morals now a lost story

Glowing up strobes light

Living another day dream

The black crow came flight departed sight Ignited

Mighty mayhem

The trails were challenged

Strife became routine work

Harbinger with a megaphone

You hear me

back on the proud

If I don’t win it was fix

Real shit


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