kreation2020 – Katalyst Unchained (lyrics)

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Dream enormous

Soul haunted

Cold darkness

Got afraid of rejection

Rose was the last chase

When it’s come to this Katalyst shit

The puzzle unscramble

Know your enemy, their weakness and their go to

Shield your emotions it can cost you

Split between dying fast and living forever

Not here to dazzle it’s as common as anything

Reserve and assertive

The lurkers got caught in the bushes

America most wanted was somebody looking for me

Crystals in blood

Ajax hand me the laundry detergents

Crown Chakra need clearing

I’m just kicking it, no field goal

Back in the bag

On it like I never been

Katalyst unchained

Let me go

Understand me, it’s an endless war

I could use some isolation from the constant nagging

Told you I get you there like a taxi driver

Track assassin

You thought I was backwards

Way too sick, now you see what an emergency is

Molded institutionalize in nothing but the realness

I’m nothing they can deal with

2x the thrill overly conceited

Partially inexperienced

At Casting spells & repelling them

Keeping the hope alive

Reflecting to affirm

No stress , I can do this shit in my sleep

Do it from the depth of the core

Truly they ain’t expect me to come this far

Trail and error had to learn from failure

Patience a virtue I need to sow in myself

I might just drop a new Album like every other week

Last of a dying breed

Real nigguhz going extinct

This not a game no tickets for remissions

This divination Indignation

Instant obscuration

It’s all up and up from here, fuk what they talking bout

Play it like I ain’t got shit to lose

Biconical humanoid with an eugenic soul of a voodoo doll

Invoke spirits and refer them to Jesus

I’m not interested if it’s not about some millions

Surmounting challenges

Rocking the cradle

For the broccoli and spinach

They ignore me now but we’ll see what happens when the mannerisms changes

Shine bright riddance glow

Not in the same brackets I got different expensive

Beyond conception

And my world transparent

Illuminate to projectile it don’t get any clearer

Thread the needles with eye close

Back to back got a bunker hustle

They extort you when you don’t watch em close

Lost the trust , I just don’t grasp the concept

Don’t tell yourself the same lie until you believe what you be telling

Did it against the odds

Ain’t catch too much slack neither

The must have forgotten, this shit lite work

Light years away implemented it to not turn

All I can tell them is the light green

Ain’t got no time for the horse play

Ain’t got time to be explaining what’s already understood

Nothing worse than a broken heart

I got a soft spot for your prudent misconduct

This all God’s doing

I just follow along

The longest journey starts with 1 step

Back to the element the run way clear

One day we’ll look at all this and just laugh and be proud

Until then it’s a race against time

Call it what you want

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