Kreation2020 – Father Earth Mother moon

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Father Earth Mother Moon

The sun set early on the wild side of thing

Subsided let the basket hang

I’m sorry for wild behavior

I told you this a beta trail

Lot of bitter smiles

Fix your face

We the captain of your destinies

Verse 1

There be laughs I’m certain

But we get back the passed

This a storm that I’m caught in

The weather gotta man gotta catch this

They say my attitude concerning

Went too far over the edge

Just tryna make ends seat

Settle the score right

Perusing with bravery , what’s concerning is fear

Adventurous spirit absurdity thrilling

Abstract mind censorship costly

Access granted, I could use an intervention

On the sunny side and grass green

Contrive deities defy physics

Imply wisdom persist to conquer

It’s nothing strange when you chosen you know it


Verse 2

Read the signs ascend

Define the time commend

Remind the world what your purpose

Design with the end in sight

Align with what you been seeking

This and that alike

The paradox couldn’t be any clearer

Days getting short life getting longer

It’s a miraculous feeling

To be living our dreams

Take the world by storm sell out stadiums

Fate been conceal

Faith is a burden depicted as a devil

I’m just playing the part

I just make it look easy but

Like ain’t nothing too it

It was all too mythical brought it Life

Tits Katalyst season let’s go

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