Kreation2020 – Famous Problems (lyrics)

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Every knows I got famous problems

The world on my heels I got famous problems

The system on my heels I got famous problems

CIA DEA know I got famous problems

The naked truth better than a pretty lie lot of famous problems

Famous problems

Everybody knows I got famous problems

Verse 1

Groupie in the texts

Losing to success

Balding from the stress

It’s a party in America

History in the making

Clutch and punctual, efficient this like clock work

Shoot first and cock back

Toot my horn what you expect from me

Judas lost when he betrayed Jesus

Brutus lost when he Caesar

Friends are not to be trusted

In the wilderness it gets hectic

I suggest you stay attentive

Effervescence watch the sparkles

3 words

Katalyst Gang Epicenter

Verse 2

I gotta warn you umma reck

I’m deadly and dangerous

Uncertain and disastrous

Poisonous secular sorcerer

The oracle first problem

Extremist on crack

Product of the third world

Sorry bout my paranoia

Not your ordinary

I got famous problems

Circle small more like a decimals

Friends became enemies

Idols now rivals

There’s a target on my back on I know

This not for profiteering and freedom ain’t free

Take it from me, it’s a fight worth fighting

Part of the problem can’t deny it


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