Kreation2020 – Z Trip (Lyrics)

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That was the first time

We wasn’t press for time just reckless

You wasn’t into mine had to allure you to it

Now the curtains close all the disturbance nonsense

You were a fountain

added my two sense

How incredible now our wishes welcome

They grey area all pitch black

Modesty you got it

You be mouthing off but I know you bout it

Never doubted

Went south when I thought I had it

Now how can I look at you with straight face

You was the one that toke me out my comfort zone

Will their be another heist I’ll never tell

Angelic you belong in my dreams

Panoramic visions made a 360 turn

Sick of being sorry

Take it from me it’s unwanted

What’s home if you not there

Last night was a party

More power to the day dreamers

Verse 2

That was the first

I ain’t even had no rubbers still wanted to dive up in it

Your trail was brilliant,no disrespect

You were my only option

and I could’ve capped it

But I would’ve sat then

Nothing to remember, I’m using you as a bait trap

I pull you up when the phantoms coming

Once again I’m sick of being sorry

Slightly unstable

It wasn’t working but we made work for us

Not too proud about my efforts and short coming

Inconsiderate you guess it

What do you expect from me

wrestling with doubt for clarity

Animal instant

I should get a show on the discovery channel

What’s emotions when we don’t share them together

Go above and beyond just to show you how special you are

Never forget that

Verse 3

That was the fist time

You suggested the obvious

What’s next ??

You’ll raise your hands to ask a question

My heart tells me you were only using me for the mean time for a discrete bond

With some nobody

Never lead you on, you were steps ahead your time

What I miss most is when I rub my hands through your hair

and the scent of your perfume when I kiss on you

Stimulating your body until your feet start to curl

Every moment with you feel like it’s heaven

Yesterday wasn’t perfect there be better tomorrow

My finger cross, trusted you plans

Now you tell me I wasn’t it

There’s nothing to do

On to another one

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