Kreation2020 – Badhabits (lyrics)

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(Verse 1)

Moody and these drugs the only thing that smooth me

Losing myself to the trap reclusive

At the end of the tunnel there’s some hope

The internet the place I was tryna find my dirty laundry

Y’all forgive me privacy sacred

Parliaments bias,it’s a holiday on Prestwick

Cold Callaway I’m destined

The scriptures keeps me attentive on conceptions of my reflections

All on the line none of this scripted

Starting to feel like my lane could use an expansion

Dreams correlate to my dark past

Use intuition as a canvas

Nothing threaten me but not trying and failure

We got to unify and stay together

Exercise the layers magnify the bigger picture

Lend a hand when it’s convenient

God’s fait is a good thing in this fight versus computers

Another level to be conquered

Heart got cold as Alaska

Wrong decisions are your best experiences

Complex delivery mix with rhythmical lyricism

my voice an organismic charge

They’ll never say this was mistaken

Partners can’t say they were forsaken

On my bad behavior I need all the lawyers in world I can get

Ayo I swear on the Bible it come from the spirit

Re-connecting to detachments unbroken

Let’s be honest for a minute

What’s there to be emotion about

Habitual repeated offender

Emerge I couldn’t wait to get there

Volatile with appliance to retain

Tweaking the frequency

I’m not a video game, don’t play with me

Your feelings are like dirt to me

If you mattered

You be dead to me

What was said constantly said to me was that I’ll never amount anything

still love them , the pleasure mine


Verse 2

Nothing to overlook

Equally pound for pound

Sleep on me, you’ll never wake

Comfort zone alien to me

Don’t expect me to be playing nice

The joker in the deck of cards

What’s next for me is a world wide tour

Got sick of the time zone changes

Reserved you better guessed it

Believe me I ain’t got diplomas

Even flunked out of school of charm

Suicidal I been thinking about it

Business first I got a plate to clear

Young mogul visionary

It’s too late to suppress the movement

Soothsayer I pray for you

Got to know how to count blessings

Won’t recede I aint come for friendship

Y’all can all take it how you wanna

Been on the grind for the come up

Get paid by the gig not by the hour

Rap starting to feel like a relay

They wanna blow but ain’t got fire like a e cig


To increase debt you need collateral and a legitimate point

How much of my time seem reasonable

The bag come residual

For God Sake , I told y’all this not bout to be a walk in the park

It’s a new day let’s give thanks

Forget what the news say that’s mass programming

Apply reasoning

Subscribe it’s Kreation2020 don’t look up to me I’m not a TV screen

Simply just a man with a plan to someday rule the world

And get a lot of girls

And money, cars, clothes, jet skis all that super cool shit

Cuz see growing up I ain’t have it like that

Now our thoughts gets manifested

And approaches become ancient

I ain’t mean no harm just got off track

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