Kreation2020 – Aztec Parcel (Lyrics)

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Aztec Parcel

how i see it i cant be wrong
fortunate I say my prayers
fortunately they been coming through
Aztec Parcel, i get you there
special delivery on time every time
best believe you can count on it
it aInt all glamorous but who am I to cry about it


verse 1

tears of the merciful
fear in the air and I cant get enough of it
they uptight, i mander madness
banter, its all in good sport
new chapter skipping through pages
coming for me better stop and rethink it
cards get pulled I dont know any magic tricks
the walk wall through hell was a shooting star on a summer night
yall dont know what i had to give up for this
coping with losses still aint recover from it
chicks that were out my league want to keep it all exclusive now
hard to ajust, i been on my worst behavior
antecedent hate interviews and business calls
crown of thorns, numb to the pain
do it like no other, kreation live experience it
been going in like theres no tomorrow
katalyst gang its a take over
gotta look out for the stakeholders
keep it thrilly till the lord calls me
line been busy im unparallel

verse 2

adore the race enjoy the journey
immortal soul the route transparent
epic living through the pandemic
monastic the source and the end
cant sabotage what you dont understand
couldnt Joe me if I pop off on Mary
verses get decipher by biblical scholars
certified in every hood thats a promise
yall dont get the half of it, part boil rotisserie
trap for residuals,
the way that the fixture looks I dont think Im coming second
and the baton not needed yet
abercrombie when the weather nice
true religion when the sky tun grew grey
aberrant now I proceed
trouble waters calls for a calm walk through
carbon emitted, you’ll still think I can breathe
cautious of failure, wasn’t cautious enough
reparations for the ones in asylums
radio hated they still waiting a single
let it spin, went commercial
honesty dont make you less of a man
get caught in a lie untangled yourself
phantasmal gone, Tina at the window
panorama view made a 360 turn
had it on lock the vicissitudes exploded
this a pulic notice I aint mean no inconvenience

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