Kreation2020 – Angels and Tezcatlipoca (lyrics)

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Standing firm as walls closes in

We the brave-hearted that made it

they don’t understand and I don’t expect them too

They can all kick rocks

We the vibe we the tribe we culture

The we genesis exodus and revolution

Now subscribe to the doctrine

Angels and tezcatlipoCa

I’m going long 3x


Verse 1

What’s rest

Seen he’ll resurrected

My focus different

Mythical creature biblical revolt

I’m on my way I can’t detour

On the run for the residuals

Angel smile devil heart

No regrets I’ll do it all again

It’s deeper than music , record the feelings

Restore defense nip the bud

Growing stronger feet planted

Nigguhz hungry I need trillion

On the front line not trailing

Clear the contrast extract factors

I swear it feel like I’m down to my last resort

Day dreamer even at night time

Been coconuts this life all I indulge in

The ware wolves came lurking

I transferred

Contemporary art form living on the billboards

I stand on my words now how the chorus go


Verse 2

Deadbeat mountainous climber

Shredded to pieces I’m tryna glue back the shit together

It’s bittersweet I want a different flavor

That’s freighting like Lightning’s and scary movies and designer prices sky diving with sharp objects and drowning in the ocean with no life jacket and flat wallet

A decline tune and

Fat chicks in swim suites

Walking on tight ropes


And presentation when you prepared for it

And pay bills

And voodoo dolls on a long flight of stairs on the highway to Hell

Or getting stuck in traffic when you tryna pee

Missing out on the winning ticket when you actually won

For a confrontation with Michael Myers

Or falling in hole and getting dirt on your clothes

A girl not giving you her number when everybody watching

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