Kreation2020 – 50 bars (lyrics)

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verse 1

overly Dedicated to it
differianted sculpted a new imprint
innovated emancipated trensetting no restrictions
flow encrpted mental prison
broke the entrace up arisen
its a lite jog aint break a sweat yet
your favorite villian bais to the bad guys
stars align move with percision
my daliy life belong on the big screen
a rare anomily i need seperation
clusterphobic and the stunnas tinted
sip on vodka till my stomache turning
life short make sure you make it count
it all could turn around with a split decision

not moved the slightest firmed and focus
3 hearts opus too bad i aint have no dope beats
memory of a gold fish
rehab was well needed went right back to my oldways
apologies far cry halfly a student, the other half a activist
no direction way too lost
Lineage of gods, the book had a point
been a long time coming wont even front
solitude from the woes of the world
yall lost me, aint no coming back
Despite the losses im still standing strong
earning down the hustle aint stop
success just a guidance
running straw in a damm loop
I Swear I cant stop
leave them perplexed
the hate just Awful they better off loving me
sick of foolery had to let go of the pass
drugs and ridiculous friends
soperb now, my head in the game
craw to stand and leap
rotor under the wings
motto, never complain
the time is now, at it again
dabs for the middle man
1 million 2 million accountant keep adding up
noving the decimals

loyalty principle
im up now, the trail at blaze
shut it down lay low
in the booth he animal
i not with the small talk they’re way too irrational
news flash im here to stay its back to the essence
as i walk through the valley may i reach to the hill top top
good is good Amen

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