Kreation2020 – 1 man cyph

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1 man Cyph

This how it goes down in the 1 man cyph
hit me up wait for it to drop

quitting not understandable
infallible matador on aderal
the instruments anihilator
either in the game or a commentator
speculators, need to slow it
when the pressure mount that when Im at my coolest
stay tuned for the allegory
Miscelleanous outta category
digitalis in the fronto leaf
halt embezzlement, refine the plan
the kettleblack I aint disagree
the paramount and the climb dont stop
all that matter that im here right now
Verdict was off won in virtual court
why so hostile meant no harm I swear
they not a factor I aint good at math
throwing pece signs in th highlight reel
yall cant relate kill the dramatization
no mystery these all factual statements
gotta watch your steps to align the purpose
so captivating it be hard to hit this
sincerly yours, you know its young kreation
the one and only
no ghost writers every song an experience
on the quest for the truth, never been more lost
compel to get better
consagenious the famiily tree leaning
I aint done nothing this hot in a minute
method perfected, did it for the fuck of it
the crown never looked more up for grabs
move dominant, dont test the wrath
bullets in the ultra sound
1 way up no reform
Katalyst Epicenter, long live the unity
stupendous flows, melodic vocals
crystal lines, bloody nostrols
the the white like its piano lessons
hit hard cashis like the odds as it is
last man standing by unanimous decision
got my chips all in hit a royal flush
my guilty pleasure coming in second
nerve bad been working on my anger
married the game, divorced on the next day
sieze the moment, observe how it changes
zero in o your shots, mistakes tend to be costly

this how it goes down in the 1 man cyph
straight like that


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